Integration of the TBS security system

Published by: 01.02.2023

Safety first. Other security features installed by us include the door control system TB0/ TBS/ SSOD/ LAT. We installed this system on locomotive 362-071. Its task is to secure the blocking of the doors of the connected wagons. This system allows the doors to be locked while driving and stationary, and determines on which side of the set the doors will be unlocked for boarding and exiting passengers. If the system detects that the door is unlocked, the train cannot start. Thanks to this system, it cannot happen that passengers, for example, step onto the tracks or fall out of a moving car and injure themselves. The entire system is controlled from the locomotive by the driver, who has an overview of which doors are blocked or unlocked at any given moment. Only locomotives that are driven [SAFELY AND COMFORTABLE] leave from us.

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