Services offered

Supply and Servicing of Train Control Systems

Under the contract with HMH s.r.o., we offer complex deliveries of MIREL VZ1 train control systems in versions CS (Czech Republic, Slovakia), CHS (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia), CPS (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia), CHPS (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), including complete accessories.

As a part of the regular semi-annual maintenance of MIREL VZ1, we offer D3 and D4 functional tests. To improve the quality of comprehensive service, we also offer the supply and installation of the “system labels” which enable servicing to be performed by supplying spare parts during the repair of defective parts on the manufacturer’s site. This solution reduces losses from locomotive inoperability. We also offer RM2 speedometers produced by HMH s.r.o.

For operators in the Czech Republic, we offer MIREL VZ1 maintenance training at D3 level, MIREL VZT3, KAM and ARKTUR maintenance training, practical training on the locomotive and operator training.

All of our service technicians are properly trained, have the necessary licenses and are ready to promptly meet customer needs.

ČMŽO - elektronika s.r.o.

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Headquarters: Kojetínská 3036/56, Přerov 750 02 (mapa)

Establishment: Nádražní 551, Hranice 753 01 (mapa)

Prague Office: Plynární 1617/10, Praha-7 Holešovice (mapa)

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