Services offered

Assembly Works

We offer comprehensive assembly work on electric and diesel locomotives as well as passenger and historical railcars. Our employees are divided into 2 separate assembly teams with the possibility to travel and work directly on the customer’s site. They participate in disassembly and assembly, in both light- and heavy-current applications – depending on what is required.

They perform installations and repairs of components in the machine room, supply and connection of complex cabling, as well as install control panels, switchboard cabinets, control computers, electronic protection, safety devices, and also perform total reconstruction.

ČMŽO - elektronika s.r.o.

ID NO.: 29388902 / VAT NUMBER: CZ29388902

Headquarters: Kojetínská 3036/56, Přerov 750 02 (mapa)

Establishment: Nádražní 551, Hranice 753 01 (mapa)

Prague Office: Plynární 1617/10, Praha-7 Holešovice (mapa)

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