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Legislation, Certification, Technical Inspections and Tests, Inspections and Tests

The Legislation department provides the relevant documentation for railcars to prove that the vehicle is fit and, above all, safe to operate. This capability and safety may apply to individual components, to several devices on the railcar, or to the whole railcar. A part of this documentation is created directly by the Legislation department, and another part of this documentation is provided by other departments of ČMŽO - elektronika or ordered from the relevant institutions that have accreditation for the given activity.

The documentation produced by the Legislation department includes applications, technical inspection and test reports, safety-related reports, inspection reports and many others.

An equally important activity of the Legislation department is almost daily communication with authorities and railway or transport institutions. Among others, the Legislation department is able to arrange for all the tests and documents required for national or other European approval authorities.

We are authorized to perform technical inspections and tests (TPaZ) of specific technical equipment in the following scope:

  • Electric equipment of railcars
  • The mobile part of a train control system, the electrical circuits of which perform the function of direct assurance of safety of rail transport
  • Legislation related to vehicle qualification
  • Pressurised specific technical equipment

ČMŽO - elektronika s.r.o.

ID NO.: 29388902 / VAT NUMBER: CZ29388902

Headquarters: Kojetínská 3036/56, Přerov 750 02 (mapa)

Establishment: Nádražní 551, Hranice 753 01 (mapa)

Prague Office: Plynární 1617/10, Praha-7 Holešovice (mapa)

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