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Historical Railcar Restorations

We have extensive experience in the restoration of historic vehicles that require specific procedures and treatment. The best reference in this respect is the reconstruction and restoration of the Slovenská Strela train, where particularly precise work was required and which was carried out in cooperation with historians and conservationists, as the train is classified as a National Cultural Relic.

The work on the Slovenská Strela train lasted from August 2018 to October 2020 and the employees of ČMŽO Group spent more than 60 thousand hours repairing this unique railcar. The employees discovered some very interesting pieces of information during their work. The overall light weight of the structure was exceptional, and the struggle for every gram of weight was apparent in the solutions used. Due to its status as a National Cultural Relic, each element was photographed separately during the dismantling process and labelled with its own marking. In total, approximately 45,000 photographs were taken during the dismantling process. The wiring was also a challenge, especially the Sousedík drive part.

Curious pieces from the past were also found during the work. A 3x3 cm sample of the original upholstery was found on the driver seat, covered by new upholstery. An original newspaper from 1936 with clearly legible text was found on the wall panelling, with a small fragment of the original red interior paint attached to it. In the autumn 2020, the Slovenská strela train was returned to its owners in its original shape, in full strength and operational.

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