Diagnostic display

This is a universal display panel. It is designed especially for displaying operating conditions, measured values ​​and diagnostic information. Its design is intended for use in railway and industrial applications. With a display area of ​​4.3" diagonal, it is the smallest diagnostic display manufactured by ČMŽO-elektronika s.r.o. The CATD diagnostic display is designed to cover a wide range of applications. It can be used not only as an HMI interface for displaying immediate operating conditions and measured values . Thanks to the built-in battery-backed circuit of real time and calendar, configuration and data memory, it can also be used as a storage of event history records. It can also be used, for example, to monitor operating hours and statistics. For connection to the superior control system, the display is equipped with a CAN communication interface and Rs485. The implementation of the J1939 communication standard allows the display to be connected to the control unit of diesel combustion engines. The above applications can be implemented separately in the diagnostic display, or they can be combined according to the capacity according to the requirement
program memory.

The CATD diagnostic display is manufactured in a robust all-metal design with a tempered glass window. The body consists of a milled aluminum casting with a lacquered or anodized surface treatment. The front panel is fitted with a membrane keyboard. This design ensures resistance to mechanical damage and the required level of coverage. The power supply, communication lines and configuration inputs are galvanically isolated from the control unit. Its core is a 32-bit single-chip

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