Electronic protection and diagnostics system

CDS1 is a modular system in a 19" cabinet, primarily intended for measurement, control and diagnostics. The "EO" assembly of the CDS1 system is configured as a complete replacement of the current measurement set and the existing HV protection of one and two system driving rail vehicles of electric traction.
The basic function of the system is the measurement of all traction currents and voltages, its evaluation and monitoring of exceeding the permitted limits. For each quantity, the steepness of the increase in the value of the measured quantity and its maximum level can be individually programmed. The system controls the shutdown loop of the vehicle's main switch. When the maximum set value of any measured variable is exceeded, the loop will be disconnected, and thus the main switch will be turned off. To increase the level of security, the evaluation of the values ​​of the measured quantities is always carried out by two mutually independent modules (duplicated), in which the mutual measurement deviation is subsequently evaluated by the control module. In the event of the requirements and technical capabilities of the vehicle, duplicate measurements can also be performed, up to the level of doubling the sensors of the measured quantities.
Another function of the system is fault diagnosis. All events arising not only from exceeding the maximum set measurement values, but also events generated based on the condition of digital signal states are recorded in the internal event memory. Each event is provided with a time stamp of origination and extinction. At the same time, information about the state of the vehicle is also stored for each event (for example, instantaneous speed, steering status, selected direction, selected traction system, etc.). Furthermore, the identification of the operator according to the speedometer (driver and train number) is stored for easier evaluation. In addition to the above-mentioned data, sample values ​​of all measured quantities and digital signals are recorded in the event memory for significant events, which also include HV protection interventions, both before and after the occurrence of the event. The information obtained in this way is intended to make it easier to identify the fault, and thus to repair the vehicle more quickly, or to prevent further breakdowns. The number of digital inputs can be expanded by connecting CDS RI modules to the basic CDS1 system. The CDS1 system is provided with communication lines to allow connection to a higher-level control system or electronic speedometer to record groups of events, synchronize date and time, and service information. In addition, displays can be connected to the system, showing basic operating conditions, immediate measured values ​​of all quantities and event and fault statuses at the driver's station. The CDS1 system is equipped with a USB interface for changing settings and reading event records. A standard USB cable can be used to connect a portable computer equipped with the appropriate service and diagnostic software, which, based on the operator's access rights, will enable the downloading of event records, their evaluation or, if necessary, changing the settings.

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