CDS1-EO system measurement card

The module is intended for measuring analog signals of electrical and non-electrical quantities. The input signals have a common ground and are galvanically isolated from other circuits of the system.

The module has a total of eight channels for processing and evaluating input signals and is able to work in two modes. In basic mode, the module measures the values ​​of all 8 channels separately. In differential mode, the result is the absolute value of the difference of channel pair values ​​(|CH1-CH2|, |CH3-CH4|, |CH5-CH6|, |CH7-CH8|). This function can be used, for example, with differential protections.

The module also enables measurement of positive and negative polarities of input signals. The result is either the absolute value of the measured quantity or a signed number.

All module settings are made programmatically and are stored in the internal EEPROM configuration memory. There is no adjustment element in the circuit of the analog part. The values ​​of measurement ranges and input offsets are also set programmatically.

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